Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about fermenting or brewing? You’re not alone. Fermenting wine or brewing beer are enjoyable pastimes that with a little help can be very approachable for the novice and the endless variation available means the avid hobbyist can spend a life time perfecting their craft. It’s a rare brewer or vintner that doesn’t have a question or two as they look to perfect their art.

Do to recent changes in the Liquor Control Act in Nova Scotia there have a great many questions regarding the Ferment-on-Premises Regulations.  The complete regulations can be found here.

Can I use my own wine bottles when bottling my wine?

Yes you can.  Please make sure that your bottles have been cleaned thoroughly (we have equipment on-site to help you with this) and the labels removed. The provincial Ferment-on-Premises regulations are very strict on this point – all bottles must have any commercial labels removed prior to their use in bottling your wine or beer.  Generally you’ll find that a good soak in hot, soapy water will help loosen the label.

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