Ferment or Brew on Premises

Are you a first time vintner? New to brewing? By Fermenting or brewing on premise you ensure you have ready-access to expert advice, the highest quality equipment, and help when you need it.

Recent changes in provincial law have made it possible for individuals to ferment their own wine or brew their own beer at licensed locations. This is an important development for the growth of home fermenting and brewing for two reasons; it removes the logistical hurdles that can be daunting for many first-timers, and it provides a guiding hand for those first-timers who may otherwise feel out of their depth.

Make Yer Own Wine & Beer: Helpful, friendly staff

Friendly, helpful staff will guide you through every stage of the process.

By fermenting in store you can avoid the need to purchase equipment or worry about setting up a dedicated space in your house for bottling, finding a temperature controlled spot for fermenting, and a safe space for storage. We have all the equipment on site and carry a complete line of accessories – even bottles if this is your first batch.

Fermenting Made Simple

Our staff will be on hand to demonstrate the proper use of equipment and guide you through every step of the beer or wine making process.

  1. Choose your wine or beer kit
  2. Fill out some simple paperwork while we prepare your kit
  3. Add yeast
  4. Store your container on site while it ferments
  5. We’ll then call you to make an appointment to bottle your wine or beer when its ready